Materials and My Palette

When I first started to paint I didn’t worry much about the chemical make up of the materials I was using because I only painted outside in the fresh air.  About 15 years ago I began using my studio for more than framing and a place to dump my painting pack when I started a series of large canvases.  I would paint them on site over a period of several days and, because they ranged from 30 x 40 to 72 x 48, I needed to work on them in my studio in the evenings. Because my studio is attached to the rest of my house I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t introducing chemicals that would effect me and my family.  

I asked other painters for advice and a few mentioned Gamblin.  I emailed the company with questions about safe studio practices and I received an email back the next day with a detailed description and recommendations for how to use the products and run a studio.  I was so impressed by the speed of the response and the attention to my specific needs that I have been loyal to Gamblin ever since.   

Gamblin paint always feels right and feel is a quality that doesn’t seem important until it is different.  For me, I have found that when my materials are consistent all my energy can be spent on the painting and there is where creativity can live. It is very good paint and I can depend on it to be strong and true from one tube to the next.  




My Palette:
Titanium White
Cadmium Yellow Light
Yellow Ochre
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Red Medium
Alizarin Permanent
Sap Green
Ultramarine Blue Deep
Ivory Black


Other Materials:
Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits
Galkyd Lite
Gamvar Picture Varnish